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Dansk Arbejdsskadeforsikring Agentur A/S offers workmen's compensation insurance to employers.

This insurance covers personal injuries, injuries following accidents at work as well as long-term consequences of the injury. The condition is that the injury occurs suddenly or within five days after an incident or impact, e.g.a fall, lift, or a traumatizing experience.

It is statutory to insure your employees with a workmen's compensation insurance, and there is for good reason for this. Without a workmen's compensation insurance, you as an employer will be fully liable if your employees are injured or suffer permanent injuries and consequential illnesses from the work.

The Danish workmen's compensation insurance offers one of the best workmen's compensation insurance coverages in the world. It was introduced back in 1899 and imposed extended responsibility on employers for the accidents of their employees during work. Initially, the insurance was required by law only for particularly dangerous companies. However, in a relatively short period of years, more and more occupational groups were covered by the legislation. Later, physical and health consequences of the work were also included in the insurance coverage area. 

The insurance covers:

  • Expenses for medical treatment, training and assistive devices
  • Reimbursement for loss of earning capacity
  • Reimbursement for permanent injury
  • Transitional death allowance
  • Reimbursement for loss of breadwinner
  • Compensation for survivors

“The danish workmen's compensation insurance has one of the best insurance coverages in the world”

Which employees do you need to insure?

  • All employees.  As an employer, you are obliged to have workmens' compensation insurance for each employee you have employed who performs work in Denmark.  This also applies even if the work is unpaid, the employment is only temporary, or the employee only works a few hours a week.


  • Directors of an ApS and an A/S must also be covered by workmens' compensation insurance. The same applies to shareholders if they work in the company.


  • Family members. If the family of the employer works in the company, and if their work can be equated with that of the other employees, each family member must also be covered by workers' compensation insurance.


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